Dubai Travel Guides offers an unbelievable section of top class sightseeing attractions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that are sure to be the highlight of any holiday. Visitors looking for a variety of cultural attractions in Dubai will be not leave disappointed with so many options to choose from. Dubai also offers numerous renowned heritage sites that United Arab Emirates is famous for around the world. Click the sightseeing links below for further information.

  • Al Bastakiya Old Town

    Al Bastakiya Old TownThis old residential district of Bur Dubai dates back to the early 20th..
  • Arabian Desert

    Arabian DesertIt offers visitors endless potential for exploring one of the world's..
  • Creekside Park

    Creekside ParkThe huge Creekside Park is one of the most popular with locals and..
  • Grand Mosque

    Grand MosqueThe Grand Mosque was rebuilt in the 1990s in order to recreate the style..
  • Jumeirah Mosque

    Jumeirah MosqueJumeirah Mosque is one of the best examples of modern Islamic architecture..
  • Narish Khyma

    Narish KhymaAfter a visit to the Dubai Museum, it is worth taking the time to visit..
  • Skiing in Dubai

    Skiing in DubaiGo skiing in Dubai. Considering the city's desert location, one of the..
  • Souks in Dubai

    Souks in DubaiTraditional Arab markets, known as souks, can be found all over the city,..
  • Top Things to See in Dubai

    Top Things to See in DubaiAlthough Dubai attracts millions of visitors every year, it has less in..