Best Spa Hotels in Hua Hin

Best Spa Hotels in Hua Hin

Amy Van De Casteele

Like Pattaya and Phuket, the Thai seaside city of Hua Hin has developed into a highly popular tourist resort, drawing in visitors from all around the world as well as from inside the country itself. A great way to enjoy your stay in this vibrant city is to book yourself into one of its luxurious spa hotels, where you can enjoy lavish accommodation as well as a variety of pampering treatments. has compiled an unbeatable selection of the best Hua Hin spa hotels complete with our exclusive deals and promotions.

Arguably the best place to stay is along the beach and this is reflected in our choice of hotels. The Aka Resort Hua Hin boasts tastefully furnished villas set in 10 well-manicured acres while the Kor Sor Resort & Spa Hua Hin offers 4 star accommodation just a stone’s throw away from Hua Hin International Airport. Highly recommended by customers is Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa, another sophisticated 4 star getaway situated just 5-minutes from the heart of the city.

There is plenty to see and do in Hua Hin, whether you like lazing on golden sandy beaches or learning more about the history and culture of your chosen vacation spot. For a taste of the Royal Thai life head for Maruekatayawan Palace, which is located several minutes’ drive to the north of the city and explore this architectural gem with its teakwood pavilions and regal ambience. Back in the city on Naepkhehat Road you will find the Hua Hin Arts and Crafts Centre, where you can admire exhibits of artwork by contemporary artists and learn more about Hua Hin’s past.

Nature lovers will relish the opportunity to take a songthaew to Namtok Pa La-u, a beautiful waterfall set in lush jungle 60 kilometres west of the city. You can also volunteer at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand and learn more about the preservation of species such as the tiger, gibbon and elephant.

If you would prefer to spend your vacation in a state of perpetual relaxation why not book an appointment in one of Hua Hin’s many reputable massage parlours or unwind over several games of golf at any of the city’s seven courses. Fishing trips and boat tours are also popular ways for visitors to relax during their stay in Hua Hin.

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