Thailand Travel Guides

Children’s Activities

There are plenty of things for children to enjoy in Thailand. In fact, Thailand gives way for people of all ages to feel like a kid again. The Thais have a very fun-loving nature and adore children. You may find a host of free babysitters at your disposal. Children will love playing in the warm water at beach destinations, checking out the bizarre markets, watching monkeys climb trees and get coconuts for their owners, and in some rural locations, seeing gibbons freely swinging and running around in the jungle. Alternatively, Bangkok’s Dusit Zoo houses over 1300 animals for children to observe.Visit this website for further information about Holiday in Thailand with Children

Dining & Shopping

Dining in Thailand is a highlight in any visit. The Thai’s are expert cooks and the menu extensive. Generally it is considered safe to eat the dishes on offer in any restaurant or from a street cart. Bangkok offers nearly ever kind of cuisine imaginable. The north leans towards a more Chinese style of cooking, while the southern regions make use of their abundant coconut supply and turn out mouth-watering coconut cream curries in red, gold and green! Of course the coastal areas offer a wide variety of fresh seafood, many restaurants providing tanks full of live food available for your choosing.

Tipping for service is generally up to you but some eateries include service charge in your bill. If you are not a lover of spicy food, learn the words, “Mai pet” which means “not spicy”.  In addition, if you are a vegetarian and want to try the many Thai delights sans meat, learn to say “Keen jay” (“eat vegetarian”). This means that you don’t eat any animal product, including eggs.

Thailand is also a shopper’s paradise. The warm climate makes it wise for the avid shopper to visit the country with almost empty bags and a pocketful of money. Here your entire wardrobe can be replaced for considerably less than you’d pay in most western countries and still leave room for gifts for friends and family on your return. Custom tailoring is also inexpensive.Visit this website for further information about Instyle Fashion Custom Tailors in Phuket

Shopping venues vary greatly from huge malls in Bangkok as well as the capital’s massive weekend market to small boutiques and charming open-air local markets in every town. The variety of goods is extensive as well; from clothing to antique woodcarvings, gold to handmade paper, cameras to coloured sand; the list is seemingly endless. No matter what your budget, you’ll be able to buy some worthwhile memorabilia of your trip to this fascinating country.Visit this website for photographs and further information about Bangkok Shopping

Bargaining is possible at almost all shops except department stores. A discount of 10 to 20 percent on the first price is almost self-understood. When shopping for gems, antiques or handicrafts, much bigger discounts are not unusual. The higher priced an item, the more is bargaining expected.

When bargaining, it’s advisable to maintain a sense of humour. One sometimes has the impression that vendors see it as kind of a game. Establishing a friendly relationship with the vendor usually brings better result than a more serious approach.


Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is Thailand’s national sport and becoming increasingly popular among foreigners who visit Thailand to study this martial art. Tourist destinations provide Muay Thai shows, while real fights can be seen mainly in Bangkok and Phuket (these are also the most popular places to study the art). Despite being a lethal form of self-defence, professional matches involve extensive ceremony as a prelude to the fight. Contestants pay homage to their teachers, to the tune of Thai musical instruments. Except for the head, all parts of the body are offensive weapons. The most effective weapons are the knees and the feet. Knock out is the common fate of the loser in Thai boxing, normally resulting from well-aimed kicks on the head.

Takraw (Rattan Ball Game) can also be considered a national sport and is as much fun to watch as it is to play. The game resembles a combination of volleyball and hacky-sack, making use of a woven rattan ball which is kept aloft as long as possible by players who can use their feet, knees, elbows, and heads but not their hands. Footwork is the secret of the superior player. The game is common in various versions in most parts of Southeast Asia. However, perhaps nowhere is it played with the enthusiasm and vigour as in Thailand where limber players jump, spin and twist in the air, effortlessly kicking their feet over their head.

If sailing is your game, then Thailand is your playground. Between the waters of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam, fantastic year-round sailing abounds. These waters are world-renowned, not only for their almost perfect sailing weather but for the spectacular scenery and idyllic islands scattered along both its coasts. If you don't have your own boat, you can privately charter one, or join the masses on a day trip to an outer island, or join a working crew. There are plenty of opportunities to get onboard! The annual King’s Cup Regatta is held during the week of December 5 in honour of the King’s birthday and his love of sailing.

Scuba Diving
Thailand also draws numerous divers from around the world. Diving can be found anywhere along both coasts, but the most rewarding and popular areas are around Phuket and the distant islands of Koh Similan and Koh Surin, near Myanmar. From January to March, divers may be fortunate enough to swim with a magnificent migrating Whale Shark in these deep waters, while Phuket offers easy day dives and a host of marine life as well.

Golf is popular and has attracted great attention in a short span of time. Increasing numbers of foreign visitors have realized that Thailand possesses many
qualities to make it an ideal golf destination. The first advantage being pleasant year-round weather, low greens fees, and gorgeous, professionally designed courses. Phuket offers an excellent choice of golf courses and clubs, while great course can even be found in Bangkok. The country has been chosen to host many top international tournaments, including the World Cup and the Ladies Asia Professional Circuit. Check out the Phuket Golf Course with all amenities that will surely attract golfer from all over world. Experience the new edge of golfing at Red Mountain Golf Course.Visit this website for further information about Golf in Thailand

The Phuket Triathlon, held in December, attracts athletes from around the world. You can either participate or show your support during this exciting event, hosted at the Laguna complex of resorts.