Top 5 Star Hotels in Chiang Mai

Top 5 Star Hotels in Chiang Mai

Amy Van De Casteele

Chiang Mai is a picturesque city located in the north of Thailand, popular with tourists who aren’t so inclined toward the bustling beaches and nightclubs of Pattaya and Phuket. If you’d like to visit this historic metropolis and plan to enjoy your stay in luxurious accommodation, check out’s excellent selection of
Chiang Mai 5 star hotels.

Along Chiang Mai Riverside are three opulent hotels each promising comfort, convenience and sophistication. The Chedi Chiang Mai Hotel is highly recommended by users while Pink Nakara Hotel And Spa is situated just 4 kilometres from Chiang Mai International Airport. Also just a couple of minutes away is 137 Pillars House boasting lavishly decorated rooms and world-class facilities. Out in the city suburbs lies the tranquil oasis of Rawee-Waree Resort & Spa, a Chiang Mai boutique hotel set in lush green surroundings with an array of activities close by, such as elephant trekking, white water rafting and zip lining.

Chiang Mai is a fantastic place in which to immerse yourself in the rich and colourful Thai culture. Home to hundreds of temples and a variety of other cultural attractions, you will soon learn more about the local way of life in this city. On Phra Pokklao Road, Wat Phan Tao is a majestic teakwood temple and former royal abode. Admire the stunning panels, pillars and mosaics and the various artefacts housed inside the Wat. Pay a visit to the sprawling night bazaar and treat yourself to souvenirs for loved ones back home, ranging from tribal crafts to wood carvings, silver and traditional shoulder bags.

Nature lovers will relish the chance to take a drive 50 kilometres out of the city to Baan Chang Elephant Park where you can enjoy a unique pachyderm experience, learning about caring for and training these majestic creatures; you will also get the chance to ride one bareback through lush tropical jungle.

Back in the city, head to Taste from Heaven on Tha Phae Road and sample a range of sumptuous vegetarian curries and other tasty dishes. When you’ve eaten your fill catch a cab to the much-loved Archers bar to enjoy a laid-back evening with some nice cold pints and convivial company. Complimentary wi-fi is available if you want to check in with friends and family back home.

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