Chiang Mai Travel Guides offers an unbelievable section of top class sightseeing attractions in Chiang Mai, Thailand that are sure to be the highlight of any holiday. Visitors looking for a variety of cultural attractions in Chiang Mai will be not leave disappointed with so many options to choose from. Chiang Mai also offers numerous renowned heritage sites that Thailand is famous for around the world. Click the sightseeing links below for further information.

  • Balloon Cruises in Chiang Mai

    Balloon Cruises in Chiang MaiBalloon Adventure Thailand arranges one-hour early morning hot-air balloon..
  • Bhubing Palace

    Bhubing PalaceBhubing Palace is the winter Royal residence located further up the..
  • Chiang Mai Arboretum

    Chiang Mai ArboretumChiang Mai Arboretum is an attractively landscaped garden near Chiang Mai..
  • Chiang Mai National Museum

    Chiang Mai National MuseumChiang Mai National Museum contains Lanna Thai works of art, ancient..
  • Chiang Mai University

    Chiang Mai UniversityChiang Mai University occupies a vast space of land on the foothills of..
  • Doi Suthep Mountain

    Doi Suthep MountainDoi Suthep Mountain and Temple is probably the first feature any..
  • Mae Sa Valley

    Mae Sa ValleyThis pristine area of waterfalls, rushing streams and ancient forest is..
  • Naga Staircase

    Naga StaircaseClimb the Naga Staircase at Doi Suthep Temple. Wat Pra That Doi Suthep..
  • Night Bazaar

    Night BazaarThere is no other market like it in Chiang Mai. This ultimate bazaar sits..
  • Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre

    Old Chiang Mai Cultural CentreOld Chiang Mai Cultural Centre (OCMCC) puts on nightly dinner performances..
  • Wat Chedi Luang

    Wat Chedi LuangWat Chedi Luang on Pra Pokklao Road is the old site of an enormous pagoda..
  • Wat Chiang Man

    Wat Chiang ManWat Chiang man on Ratchaphakhinai Road is Chiang Mai's oldest temple and..
  • Wat Jet Yot

    Wat Jet YotWat Jet Yot near the National Museum was built in 1453 to host the eighth..
  • Wat Ku Tao

    Wat Ku TaoWat Ku Tao near Chiang Mai Stadium, north of the moat, was built in 1613...
  • Wat Pra Singh

    Wat Pra SinghWat Pra Singh, dating from 1345 this temple on Sam Lan Road is one of the..
  • Wat Pra That Doi Suthep

    Wat Pra That Doi SuthepWat Pra That Doi Suthep commands a spectacular location 1156 metres above..
  • Wat Suan Dok

    Wat Suan DokWat Suan Dok on Suthep Road was built in 1373 by a king for as a retreat..
  • Wat U Mong

    Wat U MongWat U Mong is an interesting temple surrounded by a forest, just 3 km west..