Feria de Málaga the Spirit of Spanish Tradition

Feria de Málaga the Spirit of Spanish Tradition

Amy Van De Casteele

The date is swiftly approaching for the 2012 Feria de Málaga, a spectacular historic event which takes place every August in the Spanish city of Málaga. A commemorative fair which celebrates the day when the Catholic Monarchs took possession of the city over five hundred years ago, the Feria de Málaga lasts nine days and ten nights and unites the city in nearly two weeks of festivities and entertainment. One of the biggest annual fiestas in Spain, the Feria (Fair) offers visitors a great chance to witness the traditions of the city and let your hair down with the locals.

This year, the Fair takes place from 10-19 August and will transform the city into a riot of colours, sights and sounds as people spill onto the streets to take part in the revelry. The fun begins with the Pregón de la Feria, the official opening ceremony, which takes place at the town hall and this is swiftly followed by a dramatic firework display which lights up the skies over the city. For the next ten days Málaga takes on a party atmosphere. Women promenade through the city in colourful flamenco dresses, gathering together to dance in the streets in front of the admiring public, while the men put on traditional clothes to resemble vaqueros (cowboys).

Music is played throughout the city and people flock to the open-air bars which serve many litres of alcohol – particularly sherry – during the fair. Special activities are laid on for the kids, and adults go to watch the annual bullfighting festival at the Plaza de Toros. When night falls, however, everyone heads to the Feria de Noche, on the outskirts of the city, where you will find dozens of marquees filled with people laughing, drinking and partying until first light. Children are catered for too, with fairground rides to keep them entertained while the adults listen to music and dance the night away.

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For more information on Feria de Málaga, visit: www.feria-de-malaga.es

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