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Korea’s history dates back as far as 2333 BC. Surrounded by powerful neighbours, it has come under attack on numerous occasions and over the millennia responded by turning its back on the world and developing its own unique culture in isolation, a fact that keeps tourism levels high.

Only 4% of the size of China; South Korea lies below the 38th parallel on the Korean peninsula. It is mountainous in the east and in the west and south there are many harbours, quaint bays and offshore islands.

Though North Korea's aggressive posturing over the years has raised tensions worldwide, most South Koreans tend to regard the situation as a family quarrel and believe a peaceful resolution is possible. Time, of course will tell.

Today, the country welcomes well over a couple of million visitors a year and is a place of festivities, spectacular scenery; a good selection of things to see and do and 21st century ideals.Visit this website for further information about Spectacular scenery in Korea

The once drab capital Seoul is an exciting metropolis, with elegant high-rises, chic hotels, restaurants overflowing with gastronomic delights, shops brimming with beautiful merchandise and renovated palaces still worthy of the kings who built them.

A country of fashionable discos, karaoke bars, coffee shops and stores selling everything from designer-label clothing to freshly baked French bread it is also home to a maze of markets, where vendors sell dried fish, ginseng and Kim chi, as they have done for hundreds of years.

From the exciting city life to pockets of tranquillity, traditional culture and unspoiled scenery, all these are scattered across the country and places like the Haeinsa Temple near Mt. Gayasan, in the Seoraksan National Park or numerous other delightful spots will charm all who visit.

With a unique culture, its art, museums, temples, historic attractions and industry, South Korea is one of Asia's favourite business and leisure travel destinations.

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