Seychelles Travel Guides

Mainly due to its short history, the Seychelles doesn’t celebrate that many traditional festivals. Most public holidays are Roman Catholic events.


New Years Day
This is very much a family day in the Seychelles. Feasts are eaten at night and people normally indulge in a family get-together with music and dancing.


Holy Week
Easter celebrations are among the most important celebrations held in the Seychelles. Families attend church services together and services are held in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifices. You will see street parades, parties and feasts of local food on offer for all.


Liberation Day
Liberation Day is held in remembrance of the initial resolution which led to total independence on 29 June, 1976.

Independence Day
This is a national holiday on all of the islands and is a time for locals to show their national pride and indulge in flag flying and other patriotic pursuits. The local parks are often filled with families having picnics and at night, spectacular firework displays can be seen.


Assumption/La Digue Festival
Christianity is the main religion in the Seychelles and every year, the islands celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. Events take place across every island, but the biggest celebrations can be found at the church of La Digue. Locals from Mahe and Praslin gather on the smallest of the three main islands to offer prayer and thanks in honour of the Virgin Mary.


Creole Festival
For six days every October, the Creole Festival sees the Seychelles demonstrating and celebrating the culture of the islands through music, dance, arts, craft, cuisine and customs. The festival offers visitors a fascinating week full of traditions, colour and energy. It attracts an increasing international audience who come to appreciate the festival’s highlights such as fashion shows, sware kreativite, Dimans Kreol Bor Lanmer (Sunday on the beach) and music performances. Celebrated on the main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, the Creole Festival is the main cultural event of the year.


All Saints Day
All Saints Day is celebrated on the first day of November every year. It is a religious festival and a time to remember the dead. Church services are held throughout the Seychelles and it is common for lighted candles to be placed on the graves of loved ones.


Like most events held throughout the year in the Seychelles, Christmas is a time for family gatherings and feasting. One family member will usually take it in turn to host the Christmas festivities and a big dinner will be eaten followed by present-giving and evening celebrations. Games are played, food is consumed and fun is had by all.

National Holidays

New Year 1 January
Good Friday date varies each year
Easter Monday date varies each year
Labour Day 1 May
Liberation Day 5 June
Corpus Christi 7 June
National Day 18 June
Independence Day 29 June
Assumption/La Digue Festival 15 August
All Saints' Day 1 November
Immaculate Conception 8 December
Christmas Day 25 December