Feb. 2012

HotelTravel.com adds 113 new hotel partners in 64 cities worldwide

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PHUKET, 7 February, 2012 - HotelTravel.com added 113 new hotel partners in 64 cities worldwide during January, as its global partner portfolio continues to dramatically increase on a month-to-month basis .
According to HotelTravel.com Chief Information Officer, Olivier Dombey, the company aggressively stepped up its efforts to sign more hotel partners during the last half of 2011 and that strategy has paid off with a significant spike of partner hotels during the first month of 2012.
"We are delighted by the recent jump in HotelTravel.com's hotel partners. A lot of thought and hard work was put into this project and it is really starting to pay dividends.
"More hotels are approaching us as they see the benefits of selling rooms direct to consumers on HotelTravel.com. We are able to offer both our hotel partners and customers personalised service that is not available from mega online travel agents (OTA).
"And hotels know that we are a legitimate and respected OTA that is seriously committed to respecting hotel partner rate parity while delivering consistently lower rates than our competitors. That makes us an attractive choice both to the travel trade industry and to internet consumers alike," Mr Dombey concluded.
These new hotel partners include, but are not limited to, hotels in Madeira Portugal; hotels in Bangkok and hotels in Phuket Thailand; hotels in Siem Reap Cambodia; hotels in Bangalore India;hotels in Istanbul Turkey and hotels in Alvor Portugal.

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