Aug. 2012

HotelTravel.com's new two-step check out make bookings a breeze

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PHUKET, 8 August, 2012 - HotelTravel.com continues to improve its customer experience by simplifying the website’s check out process making it possible to go from hotel selection to payment confirmation in just two easy steps.

The two-step checkout is framed by a sleek new page design accessible by social media registration using either Facebook or Google+ login information.

HotelTravel.com Chief Information Officer, Olivier Dombey, said: "The simplified registration process and two-step checkout will result in faster bookings - making it easier for clients to secure rooms and special rates as they become available on a real time basis."

"We believe in continually refining the customer experience on HotelTravel.com. This is just another in a series of improvements we have introduced over the past few months," he added.

Recently HotelTravel.com added an embedded chat window in its Travel Planner to help customers with information regarding any booking request. A 'We're here to Help' chat window is now active in all 10 languages on HotelTravel.com’s Travel Planner.

When a customer initiates a chat they will automatically see a picture of the actual Customer Service Agent assisting them along with the ongoing chat transcript.


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