Jan. 2012

HotelTravel.com expanded hotel inventory offers 'Real Choice'

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PHUKET, 24 January, 2012 - HotelTravel.com doubled its online hotel inventory during 2011, adding tens of thousands of new hotels in fabulous travel destinations worldwide, offering its customers more choice than ever before.

The increase was driven by an aggressive sales push that added dozens of strategic travel suppliers and hundreds of new direct hotel contracts to HotelTravel.com's already impressive product inventory.

HotelTravel.com Chief Information Officer, Olivier Dombey, said: "We worked very hard in 2011 to give HotelTravel.com customers added hotel choices regardless of the destination.

"We increased the number and range of properties in current destinations across the board while also added dozens of new countries in every continent on the planet. This is HotelTravel.com's largest single product expansion in a single year, which is even more impressive when you consider that we added Thai language and Russian language sections in addition to our new m.HotelTravel.com mobile website during 2011 as well.

"However HotelTravel.com intends to add even more hotels during 2012. We will continue to push forward with the goal of offering our customers the best selection, service and rates of any online travel agent," he added.

The new additions include, but are not restricted to, more hotels in New York City, Las Vegas hotels, hotels in Guam, Rio de Janerio hotels and hotels in Beijing.

Mr Dombey added: "Because HotelTravel.com added hotels worldwide it is difficult to single out one country or destination. Basically if customers are staying in Bali or looking for a Miami hotel, HotelTravel.com intends to be the first choice for internet regardless of where they might want to travel."   ----ends----

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