May 2011

HotelTravel.com's Top 3 Edinburgh Events in August

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PHUKET, 30 May, 2011 - HotelTravel.com spotlights three of the world's top cultural events, all kicking off this August in Edinburgh, as the Scottish capital has evolved into one of the coolest cities for art, theatre and literature in all of Europe.   HotelTravel.com Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Racette, attended the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the early 1980s as a Theatre Arts major when the event was in its infancy. At the time it seemed unlikely Edinburgh would become the artist bellwether and the epicentre for creativity and literature that it is today.   "Edinburgh has a pulse to it that can't really be described. There are groups there really producing original cutting edge work juxtaposed with really silly performance art. As I recall we were doing silly street theatre.   "These days there is so much quality stuff to see and no shortage of things to do. Edinburgh is a really cool place to just hang out in the great street pubs watching interesting people. It doesn't hurt that there is also heaps of tasty spirits and excellent food to sample.   "Another thing that has changed dramatically is that it’s much harder to find quality accommodation. So look over HotelTravel.com's Edinburgh hotel promotion page for the best rates and book early," Mr Racette, added.   HotelTravel.com's team of crack travel writers have worked overtime to uncovered unique Edinburgh angles not found on other travel information and booking websites. The company is extremely proud that all of its travel content remains original and exclusively available only on HotelTravel.com.   For visitors hoping to see aspiring thespians, fresh comedians or discover literary talent while basking in the creative glow of the Scottish summer, have a read through HotelTravel.com's top three Edinburgh events in August:   Edinburgh Festival Fringe Bangs Untrimmed by Nicholas Lacey (5 to 29 August)   The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is three weeks of performance art held all over the city, and it’s open to all and free of so-called ‘judges’, meaning anyone can perform there without any entrance criteria or restrictions. The serious side to all this silliness is the search for stars, and they are recognised with what was formerly the Perrier but is now the Edinburgh Comedy Award.   Edinburgh International Book Festival Celebrates the Written Word  by Samia El-Balawi (13 to 29 August)   If you like to read then you’ll love the world’s largest book fair held each August in Edinburgh; declared the ‘UNESCO City of Literature’ in 2004. The festival has welcomed many speakers over the years including writers such as the much loved J K Rowling – author of the Harry Potter fantasy novels – and Zadie Smith, who published her first novel White Teeth in 2000, an instant bestseller, which went on to be adapted into a television series.   Edinburgh International Festival’s Grand Profusion of Performing Arts by Nicholas Lacey (12 August to 4 September)   The Edinburgh International Festival is a stunning feast of the world’s finest performances in opera, dance, theatre, and classical music – perfected and impeccably presented by the best in the business. There are four operatic choices for the 2011 event, including a performance by the Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe which brings its lavish interpretation of Hamlet to the festival.   -----ends-----

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