May 2011

HotelTravel.com Launches 'The Fittest Winner' Health and Wellness Programme

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PHUKET, 13 May, 2011 – HotelTravel.com has launched ‘The Fittest Winner’ reality health and wellness programme to help promote healthier and more active lifestyles for its management and staff.
Over 100 HotelTravel.com employees attended the initial sign up session for ‘The Fittest Winner’. It began with a recent physical examination and brief health and fitness seminar by the Phuket Provincial Public Health (PPPH).
Since then professional aerobics instructors from reputable fitness centres on the island have been conducting classes in front of HotelTravel.com’s office three times a week.
Participating HotelTravel.com staff were given also the chance to enter the optional ‘The Fittest Winner’ contest, which is non-competitive by nature and based on Body Mass Index (BMI) reduction measure by percentage of body fat lost, not weight. Prizes are still being finalised, but will be exercise related like equipment or other wellness related products.
HotelTravel.com Director of Operations Mr Arnupab Satakorn said that besides getting fit and raising awareness about health and wellness, another important aspect of ‘The Fittest Winner’ was having fun.
“You could say HotelTravel.com is chewing the fat about weighty issues, while trying to encourage staff to catch the exercise bug.
“So far the feedback from staff has been very positive, and the so-called ‘competition’ has remained very lighthearted to say the least. The primary goal is to provide HotelTravel.com staff with an opportunity enjoy a professionally supervised exercise opportunity that is convenient and still allows them to cover their work responsibilities," he added.
PPPH officials will continue to return every two months to monitor progress and continue to advise staff. The long term challenge is how to turn and short term gains or improved exercise habits into lifestyle changes that become part of a daily routine.
According to Mr Arnupab, Hotel Travel.com hopes to extend the programme into the Chok Thip Villa community surrounding the company’s office by inviting neighbours to join the aerobic classes.
“We have already had a couple Chok Thip Villa locals join in the fun and each day we draw a slightly larger crowd of onlookers for every class.
“Originally we thought briefly about basing ‘The Fittest Winner’ on a recent popular reality show, but in the end it came down to making it a more positive experience unique to HotelTravel.com,” he concluded.

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