Jul. 2011

HotelTravel.com F1 Event Guide Beats 'Red Bull Blues'

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PHUKET, 14 July - HotelTravel.com's Formula 1 event guide turns its attention to next week's German Grand Prix at the famed Nurburgring GP-Strecke circuit from 22 to 24 July, where yet another victory by Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vettel is all but virtually assured.   HotelTravel.com Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Racette, said: "First he is German and will have the backing of the home crowd, not that he needs it. There can be no arguments about him being F1's big dog, he has hardly made a single mistake this season and it shows in his huge championship lead. His success has been the combination of stunning qualifying and dominating race performances.   "So we challenge visitors heading to Germany for the race to look beyond Nurburgring and take time to experience this fantastic country by enjoying an extended summer holiday," Mr Racette added.   Race fans looking for accommodation will be spoilt for choice with several possible German cities to choose from given Nurburgring 's remote countryside location. Staying in Bonn is one option, and HotelTravel.com's Bonn hotel promotion page is packed with deals starting from EUR 44 per night.   Some travellers might want to stay in Berlin after the race and HotelTravel.com's original travel feature 'Berlin: Becoming in Every Sense' offers an appealing peek into Germany's capital city. Fortunately, the HotelTravel.com Berlin hotel promotion page also has rates starting from as low as only EUR 12 per night.   Finally, a post-race stay in Frankfurt should not be ruled out, especially for the rare breed of motor sport followers who love extremely noisy cars and very quite museums. HotelTravel.com's feature article, 'Museumsuferfest Adds Culture to Summer Nights' makes for an interesting read that could prove more exciting than the German Grand Prix. And of course the HotelTravel.com Frankfurt hotel promotion page offers super savings on already low rates starting from just EUR 27 per night.   However, this year's German Grand Prix might actually be more exciting than a night at the museum, so go to HotelTravel.com's Formula 1 event guide for an in-depth race preview. 'The German Grand Prix: Pace is the trick' event article unveils the secrets to attacking the Nurburgring circuit that even Sebastian Vettel might find interesting.   -----ends-----

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