Mar. 2011

HotelTravel.com Connects with Pegasus Solutions UltraDirect

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PHUKET, 7 March 2011 – HotelTravel.com, a leading global online travel information and hotel reservations website, is now officially connected to Pegasus Solutions via its UltraDirect platform, a single connection and interface that will give HotelTravel.com access to Pegasus' portfolio of approximately 90,000 hotel properties worldwide.   The partnership helps boost HotelTravel.com’s distribution capabilities and expand its hotel availability range to internet consumers, while afeguarding rate parity for all of its key hotel industry partners worldwide.   HotelTravel.com Chief Information Officer, Olivier Dombey, also predicted Pegasus connectivity would enhance HotelTravel.com’s ability to attract more direct contracts from major international hotel chains.   “HotelTravel.com is delighted to use UltraDirect to connect with the largest single collection of electronically bookable hotels on the  planet. It allows HotelTravel.com to work with the many hotel groups around the world that prefer to receive bookings via Pegasus.   “Moreover, HotelTravel.com is also a participant with Pegasus Solutions’ agent-preferred Global Commission Processing, which will further attract hotels and chains to work with us, in an integrated, streamlined, and consistent way.   “This is an important evolution for HotelTravel.com as the company continues to expand our distribution options, and it provides us an important new tool for maintaining rate parity for all our hotel partners.   “We are also very excited at the prospect to access Pegasus’ own hotel brand, Utell® Hotels and Resorts, and be able to maximise this relationship to its full potential,” Mr Dombey concluded.   According to Mr Dombey, other immediate benefits from UltraDirect connectivity for HotelTravel.com would be fast, immediate confirmation of  booking and cancellation requests, secure access to negotiated rates and the ability to modify reservations without a cancellation or rebooking.   UltraDirect’s unique multi-lingual capabilities, which allows for real time loading of images and descriptions in most of the eight languages on HotelTravel.com, also makes it an excellent fit for the company.   “Our relationship with HotelTravel.com expands our already growing presence in the Asia region,” said Ric Leutwyler, Chief Operating Officer Pegasus Solutions and President of Utell® Hotels and Resorts. “We are eager to work with HotelTravel.com to bring our hotel clients the benefits of an additional sales channel. This allows us to reach a new booking audience worldwide, which will add more properties to our portfolio around the region.”   -----ends-----

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