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Waterfront Insular Hotel is the place to go to be treated like royalty and enjoy the sights and tastes of the beautiful and exotic Davao. Revel in luxury at the Waterfront Insular Hotel - a first class business resort hotel twice awarded 'best first class hotel in the Philippines'. What more could you wish for?
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Waterfront Insular Hotel Reviews

3 Standard of room
3.5 Facilities
3.5 Quality of food
4 Service
3.5 Location
3.5 Value for Money
1.1/5Nathan from United States stayed in a Standard for 4 days. 

DON'T GO TO THIS HOTEL FOR SO MANY REASONS!!!: 1.) hotel staffs are not attentive to guests 2.) rude staffs, especially at the dining area cause when me and my fiancee and other guests were eating breakfast at the dining area, one hotel staff suddenly turned off the lights when guests are still eating 3.) airconditioning was on high but me and my fiancee didnt feel any coolness at all for our whole 5 days stay and hotel staff didn't do any actions on that matter even if we called their attention many times already. they would just say they would send staffs to do it but no one ever fixed it. 4.) shower is poor cause water flow is very low and temperature kept changing during showers a lot which really pisses us off. 5.) when you are at the dining area for breakfast, there is no complete utensils, no creamers for coffee, table settings not complete all the time and you have to always call their attention when in fact they should be very attentive all the time. 6.) has beach but u can't swim cause they dont allow it. why would we go to a hotel near the beach when we cant swim??? 7.) no greetings from hotel staffs everyday, they would just stare at you head to foot instead of greeting which is very rude and they all need customer service training! 8.) remote control for tv sucks cause it wont work also! we already asked the staff to fix it but still it didnt work. 9.) no elevator and you have to walk to your room and going to other areas, awful hotel and noisy cause of the stairs that's why expect to always be disturbed from your sleep.. LASTLY, YOU CAN NEVER FIND COMFORT IN THIS HOTEL, JUST TRY TO READ OTHER REVIEWS AND YOU WILL SEE THAT THIS HOTEL IS REALLY AWFUL. IF YOU DONT WANT TO HAVE REGRETS IN THE END THEN DONT EVEN TRY TO BOOK IN THIS HOTEL CAUSE ME AND MY FIANCEE HAS SO MUCH REGRETS! NO DOUBT SO MANY BAD REVIEWS FROM GUESTS. room poor, no clock, not carpeted, poor aircon, poor shower, poor remote control, poor lighting. never a good service at all. i would never recommend this hotel to other people cause it would be a shame to recommend a hotel that's not worth recommending for and i dont want others to experience what me and my fiancee and other guests have experienced where it was a bad experience we all ever had. very far from the city proper and takes a while to get a taxi. takes a while b4 u can get a taxi.

1/5 Standard of room

2/5 Facilities

1/5 Quality of food

1/5 Service

1/5 Location

1/5 Value for Money

2.1/5A HotelTravel.com Member from United States stayed in a Deluxe for 2 days. 

My fiancee' and myself stayed at your Davao branch from Feb. 19 - Feb. 21, 2007. To say that I was not impressed would be too high of a compliment. First, the transporation that was provided from the airport was extremely crowded. Even when the van was full and the passengers ready to go the driver disappeared for more than ten minutes leaving us to sit in these stuffy, crowded conditions while the rain poured outside. When we arrived and began the check-in process, the clerk, in the midst of speaking to me, simply stopped and stepped over to the next person at the counter and began checking him in, leaving me standing there, stunned, waiting for the completion of our processing. When I inquired about the ability to connect to the Internet while in our room I was informed that the only access site was right there in the lobby and that there was no connection available while in the privacy of our room. This was and is COMPLETELY unacceptable. The cost of providing such a basic service is negligable in comparision to the inconvenience that you force upon your guests. To expect us to drag our laptops and business needs down to the lobby rather than provide such basic room access is unforgivable. While being taken to our room the employee dropped a very expensive piece of electronics from the cart onto the cement walkway. Thankfully nothing was broken but the inattention to such a minor detail as the safety of our belongings was stunning. When we

1/5 Standard of room

2/5 Facilities

4/5 Quality of food

3/5 Service

4/5 Location

1/5 Value for Money

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Waterfront Insular Hotel in Davao, by the beach overlooking Davao Gulf and Samal Island.

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