Book a Beach Hotel in Lombok

Book a Beach Hotel in Lombok

Amy Van De Casteele

If you’re searching for that idyllic tropical holiday destination, a paradisiacal island relatively unmarred by extensive tourism and boasting all of the must-have merits of pristine beaches, dense jungle and friendly locals, then Lombok is the place for you. This peaceful Indonesian island, part of the Lesser Sunda archipelago, is not as developed as neighbouring Bali and is the ideal place to escape the rat race. If you would like to book a beach hotel on Lombok check out’s recommendations and take advantage of our exclusive offers.

For 5 star accommodation in Tanjung book a suite at The Oberoi Lombok Hotel, a lavish resort which boasts verdant tropical gardens and a tranquil environment, as well as offering easy access to Medana Beach and the adjacent Gili islands. If you want cosy budget accommodation in a picturesque rustic setting the Alang-Alang Boutique Beach Resort is a 3 star hotel providing just that, while in Senggigi the Jeeva Klui Resort also offers 3 star accommodation, including a shopping arcade and outdoor swimming pool conveniently situated just 13 kilometres from Selaparang Airport.

Almost all of Lombok’s main attractions are, unsurprisingly, geographical. If you love beach holidays filled with hours of sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and surfing you won’t be disappointed by Lombok’s seaside charms. Southern and East Lombok, in particular, are areas well-known for the quality of their beaches and the Gili Islands are manna for snorkellers as the clear blue waters reveal a colourful variety of marine life. If you are a keen surfer head to Kuta, while scuba divers can book a dive trip at one of the island’s several reputable operators.

Besides the beaches, Lombok is home to many beautiful waterfalls, such as the three found at Senaru, located on the jungle-clad slopes of Mount Rinjani - though if you want to reach the second and third waterfalls it is recommended that you take a guide and suitable gear. Mount Rinjani also offers hikers the chance to enjoy scenic treks up this active volcano, which last had a minor eruption four years ago.

When it comes to dining and drinking there are a plethora of restaurants to choose from, though if you want international cuisine you are advised to choose eateries in the more touristy Senggigi, which is also home to a number of nightclubs and bars.

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