Jakarta Travel Guides


Islamic New Year: being a predominantly Islamic city, Jakarta takes this New Year celebration seriously with cultural and religious events held across the city.


Chinese New Year: Jakarta’s thriving Chinese community puts on a real show during their traditional New Year. Firecrackers, the colour red and good vibes fill the streets of the city’s Chinatown.


Nyepi Day: the Balinese New Year is celebrated by the local Balinese residents in the capital with a uniquely solemn Hindu style where no sound, entertainment or movement is allowed for a full day.

Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival: jazz musicians from around Indonesia and across the globe descend on Jakarta for a week of incredible music.For more information please visit Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival


Jakarta Anniversary: the capital celebrates its existence with the glittering Metropolitan Ball, complete with king, queen, and lots of street fairs.

Jakarta Fair: running for seven weeks, this tourism and culture fair showcases the many regions of Indonesia, with a particular emphasis on traditional dance and music.


Indonesia Grand Prix: each year, the Ancol Circuit fills up with spectators looking for some high-speed action at this world-renowned auto race.

Jakarta Kite Festival: for two days, the skies above Jakarta are filled with the colourful sight of kites being flown in celebration of one of Indonesia’s oldest pastimes.


Independence Day: this national holiday marks Indonesia’s freedom from colonialism with festive music, dance and food events in Merdeka square.


Ramadan: one of Islam’s major events marks a month-long fast where food, sex, drinking and smoking are banned during daylight hours. Visitors will find that many restaurants and shops are closed during the holiday.

Soulnation Festival: music from every genre from around the world is presented along with local talent at this fun and energetic music festival.


Idul Fitri Week: marking the end of Ramadan, this festive occasion sees Muslims buy new clothes and get together for a special family meal. Gifts are exchanged and everyone hopes for peace and prosperity.


Jak Jazz: another of Jakarta’s world-class jazz festivals brings musicians from around the planet to strut their stuff in venues big and small all over the capital.


Jakarta Film Festival: the biggest film festival in Indonesia comes to the capital each winter to showcase both regional and international filmmakers.

New Year’s Eve: one of the capital’s biggest nights is a full-blown party with street festivals, fireworks, concerts and lots of revelry.