Shanghai's Midrange Accommodation & Varied Attractions

Shanghai's Midrange Accommodation & Varied Attractions

Jody Houton

Shanghai is a city that is forever redefining itself. Steeped in history, it somehow still manages to co-exist with modern, efficient development and plenty of tourist attractions. Shanghai is on the way up industrially and financially. Let help you find the perfect Shanghai midrange accommodation and discover its varied attractions.

The 3 star Magnolia Hotel Shanghai is surrounded by nature and outdoor areas – situated near the picturesque Yangpu Bridge and also within walking distance of Huangxing Park. For a perfect example of how the city has kept much of its unique, classical architecture while still taking strides toward the fture, a visit to the beautiful Bund waterfront comes highly recommended. This is a popular area for photographers and young lovers who like to have their picture taken in front of the scenic Pudong skyline and Huangpu River.

The futuristic and ultra-modern Kelamayi Petroleum Hotel is right on the doorstep of the railway station, meaning guests can be in the real heart – and the world-famous shopping district of Nanjing Road - of the city within 10-15 minutes. Like many parts of Shanghai, this area has been through some sweeping changes, once a British Settlement, the huge traditional Chinese stores have now been replaced with more than its fair share of behemoth shopping malls, speciality upmarket highend stores like Tiffany and Dunhill and many international restaurants and fast food chains.

Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao is located in the mainly residential area of Hongqiao district, which is in the upcoming area of Minhang, home to Han Lin Stele Museum and the Liu hai Su Art Museum. If an afternoon of culture is your idea of a holiday, take the train from Metro Line 4 Hong Qiao Road Station to visit the ancient architecture of Xin Tian Di. The has retained its original walls and ‘Sikumen’ style of design, while the interior has a wide array of modern, contemporary Chinese and international cafes, restaurants and galleries.

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