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The charming Beijing Hutong Culture Inn (formerlyBeijing Hutong Culture Inn & Hostel) boasts a central location in Beijing, China. Decor differs from room to room, making this Beijing accommodation full of character, while en suite furnishings are simple yet effective. It is this attention to detail and the hotel’s positioning that allow you to feel part of the city, while simultaneously providing quality accommodation.
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Beijing Hutong Culture Inn Reviews

4.5 Standard of room
4 Facilities
3.5 Quality of food
5 Service
3.5 Location
4 Value for Money
4.3/5Matthew from United States stayed in a Single room for 11 days. 

Though I am giving this place a good review, I should add the caveat that this hostel is not for everyone; the staff is very gracious, and very generous. Their English is very little, but they try very hard; they are more traditional than some of the upscale places downtown. the Culture Inn is in a hutong - an alleyway system that is a unique aspect of Beijing life many foreigners may not appreciate. If you are looking for a transplant of your average Western hotel, this place is definitely not for you; this is a special place, a place where you can stay with the real people of Beijing, and truly appreciate their culture and the simple pleasures of life. It is off the beaten path and the hutongs leading up to it are vibrant and eternal; they have hummed this way since the city was built in ancient times. The hostel has a sort of relaxed atmosphere that really helped me escape and find peace. The sheets were always clean, and it was a cool refuge from the Summer heat. The conversation with the friendly staff was always interesting, and greatly helped my study of Mandarin. The value of this place to me was incalculable. I look forward to returning here someday, more than to any other hotel or hostel I've ever been.

5/5 Standard of room

4/5 Facilities

4/5 Quality of food

5/5 Service

3/5 Location

4/5 Value for Money

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