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  • Shinta Mani Resort
  • Shinta Mani Resort - Pool Side Garden Room DBL/TW
  • Shinta Mani Resort - Poolside Garden Room, King Bed
  • Shinta Mani Resort - Poolside Garden Room, Twin Bed
  • Shinta Mani Resort - Pool View room DBL/TW
  • Shinta Mani Resort - Poolview Room, King Bed
  • Shinta Mani Resort - Poolview Room, Twin Bed
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Shinta Mani Resort Reviews

4.5 Standard of room
4 Facilities
4 Quality of food
4.5 Service
4 Location
4 Value for Money
5.0/5Il Bong from Australia stayed in a Superior for 3 days. 

We were invited to a graduation ceremony for the Shinta Mani Foundation students who worked very hard for the past year. The service was excellent from the moment we were picked up at the airport. We knew the service offered by the hotel staff came from their heart. I recommend this hotel to anyone who wants to go to Siem Reap without any hesitation. We are planning to go back to this hotel already.

5/5 Standard of room

4/5 Facilities

5/5 Quality of food

5/5 Service

5/5 Location

5/5 Value for Money

4.0/5A Member from France stayed in a Standard for 4 days. 

Nice boutique hotel. Good spa. Small pool but nice. Good food and wine list. Very nice buffet breakfast in a nice sala. Do not book any Angkor visit thru them as they are awfully expensive. Book thru external agencies. Nice and quiet location few minutes walk from Siem Reap center. Nice restaurants around especially FCC (200 m). Good value for money if you are looking for a small boutique hotel with a pool and spa.

4/5 Standard of room

4/5 Facilities

4/5 Quality of food

4/5 Service

4/5 Location

4/5 Value for Money

Shinta Mani Resort Location & Map

Shinta Mani Hotel just off the banks of the Siem Reap River, is within walking distance of the king’s residence, the CBD, Phsa Chas (Old Market) and only a few km from the Angkor Temple Complex.

Shinta Mani Resort Facilities & Services

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Shinta Mani Resort
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